Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Paper and paste and waste

I've been really proactive so far this week.

I have finished the third layer on the balloon for the pinata. Tomorrow I will be assembling the tail and maybe the rotors. I would like to do away with the feathery crepe paper this time and just paint it since it isn't an animal. I know this is going to show up the major imperfections of the pasting of which there are many. The reason being with the heat of summer the balloon expands and the paper layer is restricting which eventually splits and then I have to patch it up by which time the balloon shrinks with the cool paste and then I get a really ugly lumpy vein-like line. hmmm. Thinking of sanding it to get rid of major problem areas but run the risk of my perfectionist streak getting the upper hand and never being happy with it...oh what to do. I'll post some pics later when the film is processed, not sure if anyone is interested but it is crafty so I think I'd better show something!

I bought and sent dad his birthday pressie, books of course. Unfortunately they are a bit pricey to send as they weigh quite a bit so I am thinking hard of alternative gifts for him. It was a last minute thing though so I paid the price. Did you know that he is a valentines baby? His mum was a Christmas Eve baby!

I've lost almost 5kg since starting my diet a few weeks ago. I'm thrilled with this as I'm feeling so healthy and looking back at some pics of me from a year ago this is just great and a relief. I have a waist again and my tummy is flattening out. Just those jolly hips and thighs need to be whittled away, the last and hardest part! The only downer about losing weight is that my bosom shrinks too. D surprised me on the weekend and said that he wanted to get into shape for the wedding also. I guess I must have inspired him in some subliminal way. He is one of those people who doesn't put on weight. Like a greyhound. But since meeting him a few years ago he has lost a lot of his tone and definition, use it or lose it as they say. I don't mind as his job keeps him fit enough but he was working out with weights before I met him and he was quite buff. His friend had taken his old set and won't give them back so rather than make a fuss on the weekend he went out and bought a set of weights. I've been inspired in turn by this and decided to up the ante also and get into this too. Feeling a bit sore at the moment but this is good right!?
Milo is also reaping the rewards of more frequent walks/runs. Happy dog = no barking!

I must say that I am sad to see Little Birds taking a hiatus, I'll miss reading about her daily life and crafting adventures. All the best with your ventures Stephanie!

Stay tuned!


Blogger Ann said...

Hi there! I enjoyed receiving your postcard. I love the picture.
I'm sorry it has taken me so long to write but every time I tried bringing up your blog it just would never load up.
Thank you!

6:35 AM  
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