Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Here's the one I promised earlier

So here are the pics from the most recent 2005 Christmas charity dress the bears event.

I made outfits for four bears this time.

Two were girls and two were boys, just to keep it fair.

It's all too easy to make girly outfits.

This year I also made them bags to accompany them so that the kids could keep a wee something in them.

The boys get two pockets. Either on their pants or both shirt and pants.

This guy is looking a bit like he's had one too many honey sandwiches!

See the great lining in the girly bag, I liked this one the most I think.
Here's a wee confession, I only realised after sewing up the bag that I had made it around the wrong way. The yellow flower was intended to be on the right, pale pink in the middle at the top and the other on the left...whoops. That is what happens when I rush though.

This wee lady has a reversible dress with pockets on both sides. One side is as you see and the other is reversed, it has the skirt in floral and bib part in stripes. The bag has the lining you can see on the strap. Its a shame you can't see the stitched stems to the "flowers" that are sewn on the outside.
The dress does up at the back with good ole velcro for ease of removal and changing.

This lass has a lovely yellow gingham dress on the other side of this sage pixie floral print. Finished with velvet green straps and an apron to keep her lovely dress clean. I realise only now that there isn't a pic of her with the yellow side showing which looks great with the apron. Sorry!

Well I think that will have to do it for tonight. Short on time but I have wedding shoes!!! A bit of a breakthrough if you ask me!

stay tuned.


Blogger two rabbits said...

i love the clothes you made - they are so sweet!! seems like it would be so much fun to dress bears for kids!

8:15 AM  

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