Monday, February 13, 2006

Here's one I prepared earlier

Way earlier!

These three were from our annual Christmas charity at work, 2004. The charity gives us the teds to dress and then they give them to the poor and disadvantaged kids for Christmas. I think it is a wonderful idea and also lets me flex my creative muscle at least once a year in a charitable way. A lot of the employees make the clothes themselves but some are creative using things like fancy hairties that resemble tutus and others give them to their mum/partner/kids/grandparents to dress. I figured that out when some were coming back with knitted outfits, very cute, cricketers complete with shin pads and jumpers, imagine! We even had a Steve Irwin character this same year! Very amusing. For those who the name doesn't ring a bell, how about the Crocodile Hunter? same guy, I believe he is big over in the states.

This was the first year that I made reversible dresses for the girls. Sorry I don't have a pic handy with the reverse of the outfits to show you. The yellow dress was fine purple and white stripes and the pink floral had green gingham with red rosebuds around the waist. I figured that having two outfits in one was a good idea, kind of like Mollychicken's recent post on how she made a dress for Tibbles.

I have pics of the last recent Christmas 2005 creations which were very similar but they each had bags accompanying them. I shall post them tomorrow as I have tried for the last hour to attach the pics in a decent order only to delete them when I move the text around. Very Frustrating!

So in order to lure you back again tomorrow if you are lurking around there, hopefully someone is! I'll get those pics in order and up for show and tell.

Stay tuned.


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