Monday, February 27, 2006

habit forming

I really hope that my slackness toward posting recently doesn't become habit forming.

It had better not.

Anyway I'm in for a long night tonight so thought it would be a good idea to catch up on recent events.

I have been busy with wedding stuff as you can imagine, less than five weeks to go and things are hotting up. Managed to find the other flowergirl's shoes. Had the first alteration dress fitting on Thursday which was really exciting as I was able to see if the shoes went with the dress and to my relief they do, thank heavens! I'm having the dress hemmed so that it will be above the ground and my cute wee pointy shoes will peep out from beneath when I am walking and talking. Ordered my wedding ring to fit. Found a great bonboniere site in the Hunter valley of all places called Hearts and Themes. I figured that they will be able to satisfy my cheap but quality tastes better than any of the other places I have. I also finally picked up the button badges I had made for the hens night, now I just have to remember to take them with me. Discovered that I have a really clueless bridesmaid who is incredibly self concerned and have had to organise the bridal shower with my SIL. Thank heavens for her. Anyway was accused of all sorts of unfair activities by the BM. The BM is rather cheeky to say the least letting glib comments pass such as since it is all organised why should she bother to bring anything...making me very anti BM. After her telling me that she may not turn up things got worse. Accusations of my taking it away from her etc. Gosh only knows how she came to that one. I just knew that 30 older ladies and younger ladies wouldn't fit in her tiny flat. No parking to add to the dilemma had me sourcing another venue. She didn't complain at the time so I carried on. When the invitations went out I expected her to use her initiative and call SIL and take back her duties. but no she rolled over and waited until the last moment. I'm fuming, anyway. It all takes the cake when I call and ask her to call SIL to organise what is going on and get a "i'm so busy and tired" reply, great someone who doesn't care about me. fantastic.

So I've spent the last week finding places for cheap partyware and sourcing great fingerfood and have come up with some nice sounding recipes. The truth will be in the comments...

Stay tuned.


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