Monday, February 06, 2006


Yep that's me, I can't believe I haven't blogged for like a whole week. Darn work and extra curricular activities!

Anyway a whole lot of things have been happening to keep me from my blog.

1. Wedding Invitations - finally they are out and in mailboxes as I type. I can't believe they are all done and delivered. I had a fit of inspiration fuelled by deadlines whizzing by and made some pretty neat invitations for the showers and bucks parties. Will post some pics soon, yeah promises again! I had a whole lot of dramas with the invitations taking so long and making me really anxious that they weren't going to get done and sent in time, as it was they were a week late in being sent. I'm still getting queries about dates and things and it is so annoying that people are asking me as I feel it is all my fault and ultimately it really is but I don't want to be going there right now.

2. Work - has been really busy lately, full on and no time for invitations and blogging. Everything suffers when work is busy. But it puts bread on the table and a keyboard under my fingers. I'm really very lucky when I think about it, so no complaints. Tonight is quieter so catching up on the past weeks worth of blogs, there is so much I have missed out on out there. Great for those really quiet nights!

3. Wedding to do's - I have a few to check off my list, the invitations, D's suit! and his ring!! I'm thrilled that he was inspired to get these done last weekend. I was quite surprised too that he chose the style he did. This weekend I'm going to be concentrating on my shoes and flowergirls dresses.

Those are all I can think of right now, there are quite a few subgroups that I could include, mostly in the invitation sector.
I've started the papier mache for the pinata I'm making for D's nephew. It's going to be a helicopter so will be quite different again from anything I've done before, for once it is not an animal of some description.
I bought some books for dad's birthday coming up so now all I have to do is get them in the post.

Speaking of post I have received so many wonderful postcards for the year of the dog postcard swap that was organised by My Little Mochi. I was even the lucky recipient of one of her delightful zodiac cards with the rubberstamp dog and ducks on the back. She even stamped the envelope too so I was excited when I saw the dog on there as I knew straight away who it was from! COOL! Also I got an amazing sewn card from Creativelittledaisy which has some sewn embroidery in the shape of a handbag, complete with button closure. Wishthimble sent me an original card using an unusual technique that I will simply have to investigate, great stuff! Weecottagestudio sent a great hand painted card of a dancing dog, cute! and an adorable handpainted card from My Vintage Days, such beautiful artistry. Tenderarts sent a really neat sewn card and Lilfish send a photo of a dog she'd made, that made me wish it was a softie swap instead! and the envelope had dog paws inside it with these great muppet stamps on the outside! Too cute. Beautiful Things sent me a picture of a quilted scene of the Wildwood in Devon, Lafeecoriandre sent me a great collage of some Parisian style and Debbie from Wataame sent me a great sewn card with some fabulous handstitching on it. Thank you so much ladies! I have received all ten of my cards now and am very pleased I decided to do the swap, so much fun. I hope everyone else out there had as much fun sending and receiving their cards.

Thanks My Little Mochi, I can't wait until the next one!

Well better go now. Back to the grindstone...


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